Mama Duck
Sunday - Ponsette (stuffed veal breast) w/ homemade french bread and cucumber salad
Monday - Leftovers of roast sticky chicken and stuffed veal - whichever anyone wants
Tuesday - grilled chicken breast over salad
Wednesday - frozen chicken parm - Joe's specialty of course
Thursday - Chicken taco's
Friday - Pizza
Saturday - Sloppy Joe's

I also wanted to add a link for a new favorite drink. Several weeks ago I tried, and loved, the sweet tea at Mc.D's of all places. I'd heard of sweet tea before but couldn't figure out how to make so that it tasted right. I finally thought to look for a recipe and found the missing ingredient! I now make this at home and am probably drinking more then I should.. but oh well. Oh and I also plan to try this with green tea. A popular higher end bread/sandwich shop makes a yummy iced green tea and I think its the same principle behind it.

Sweet tea
Mama Duck
What a crazy few months! In January I was all set to get started again and then my husband broke his hip! Lucky for him he's young (34) and has made nearly a full recovery. Really amazing since he spent the first 16 days in 2 different hospitals. Today is a cozy, soft, gray day and I've been looking at recipes. Time to get back into my meal planning!

Sunday - Mexican Baked Fish - I'm using Tilapia
Monday - BBQ Beef Casserole ------> this was changed to beef stroganoff over mashed potatoes
Tuesday - Ham and cheese or grilled cheese sandwhiches - easy dinner night
Wednesday - Frozen chicken parmigiana - Joe thinks this is high cuisine..sigh
Thursday- Italian sausage casserole
Friday - Pizza night
Saturday - Crockpot Roast Sticky Chicken - this was soooo good! The house smelled incredible while it baked and I couldn't wait for it to finish. I am definitely making this again! I also made a pan gravy that was equally delicious, although a bit spicy from the cayenne pepper. I may experiment the next time and omit the cayenne as Joe can't eat spicy food