Mama Duck
Anyone got a dust rag? Been ages and ages since I used this account.

However I enjoy menu planning and its time to get back to it. Saves money.. easier to know whats there for dinner at each meal. Yes most recipes are from one site. I really like her site and the meals are generally easy to put together.

Sunday - Halibut and Shellfish Soup
               Home made bread
               tossed salad…/halibut-and-shellfish-soup.html

Monday - Buffalo Chicken and Bean Chili
                leftover homemade bread
                tossed salad

Tuesday - Fish Tacos
                tossed salad

Wednesday - Grilled Stone Fruit Salad

Thursday - Fish fillets
                  Leftover salad from Wednesday

Friday - Shakshuka

Saturday - Omelets
                  tossed salad