Mama Duck
yep.. once again I've been slacking. However I have a good reason with explanation that does NOT involve major injuries to my husband or holiday stress, lol.

Like so many in this country I battle a weight problem. I will not divulge my starting weight for some time. My eyes seeing it was tough enough as well.

I have 3 good friends that have either started or restarted Weight Watchers over the last several months, all with great results. Due to cost I never really explored WW all that much and relied on my own self control to devise a 'quick' plan to get the weight off. As you can probably figure out, that was met with dismal failure, lol.

My favorite program so far has been Take Shape For Life, with which I dropped nearly 40lbs in 3 months!! I did not however have the strength of mind to keep on it with Joe's collapsed lung last summer and I got off track. I did go back and forth to it and while I put the weight on again, it was not the fault of the program. Being that I live with 2 toddlers (one aged 2, the other aged 34) who are picky eaters, I've tended to make foods most appealing to them. Well the 34 year old (sorry dear!) quit smoking when he was in the hospital for a broken hip. Now he's adding weight as well and it's time for me to start planning healthier meals. about 1.5 weeks ago I decided to start WW online. It was a less expensive option and a better way for me to start. I am happy to say that I am very pleased with the program and I do a combination of WW and Take Shape For Life which works very nicely for me. As of this morning I have lost 8.7lbs! This is including the dinner we had at a chinese buffet place on Monday night. With all the unhealthy choices and salt I managed to put on 2lbs with that dinner alone, lol.

What this means for this blog is a few things:

1. Planning meals that are healthier and fit into a daily points range better
2. Allowing for the occasional splurge (be it ice cream sundae's or a buffet dinner)
3. Tracking my weight loss
4. Finally reaching a goal weight that I like so that I actually will get in a pic with my son, lol

I hope you enjoy the new direction, and if you have any favorite recipes or ideas please pass them on!