Mama Duck
Wow - just about a month without a new menu. Sorry about that folks.. my only excuse is that the holidays got me distracted. Without further ado... and because I'm desperately wanting my pillow and a good nights sleep.... here's this weeks:

Sunday- Kate's mac and cheese
Monday- Chicken parmigan - homemade with some 'oven fried' chicken breasts
Tuesday- homemade waffles - just JP and I and we like to take it easy on tuesdays
Wednesday- soft chicken taco's
Thursday - spaghetti and meatballs
Friday - 'eggplant 'steaks' - trying for one solid vegetarian meal a week now
Saturday - moo shu pork
1 Response
  1. Kate Says:

    you are adventurous with the vegetarian meal! i dont think that would go over well in my household. jordan seems to be a meat eater!