Mama Duck
Guess a little bit of dust has settled onto my little blog here. In the spirit of spring cleaning and getting back to routines and such I'm dusting it off to once again track menu planning and cost saving tracking.

DH and I have been having a good ole bout of issues stemming from his health and have gotten a little lazy about attention to detail in regards to budgetting groceries and planning meals. Needless to say our grocery spending is once again over what it should be. However I haven't had the heart to see how much and have decided on a clean slate.

Today I had to go grocery shopping. we were basically down to a few cans of soup and cereal in the pantry. It was getting a little desperate for organized, instead of on the fly, shopping. So off I went to 3 stores with a 3 year old. I'm happy to say we survived quite well.. and the only bad thing was a result of me rushing to do things when I got home.. and being exhausted.. and an incident with a large bread knife.,.. a new dvd to open.. and a finger of mine. OOps.. guess thats why they say not to play with knives. All's well except that I am sporting a Diego bandaid on my finger. Bandaids are now on the top of the next shopping list, lol.

Now for the menu. Week of April 25 - May , 2010

Sunday - Gourmet Burgers with a topping of brie and carmelized onions, side of tossed salad
Monday - leftovers - JP will be at grandparents all day and DH will be mooching dinner off of them. I work till 7 and am not cooking a dinner when I get home.
Tuesday -Meatloaf and mashed potatoes with gravy, steamed italian veggies
Wednesday - Tikki Masala (box mix from target to try) -sched is the same as Monday but I'll make this before leaving for work or make it tues afternoon
Thursday - Malaysian fried chicken over rice, haven't made this in ages and have some awesome curry for it
Friday - Meatball parm sandwiches
Saturday - chicken alfredo over linguini

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