Mama Duck
This week will have a 'loose' meal plan. DH wants to go to his parents or have them come up to support them. Yesterday they went out in the morning and when they came back Mia, their miniature pincher, was lying on the porch. She had passed away during the short time they were out.

In addition to that, my mom has been at the bedside in ICU of her longtime companion. John has been in a nursing home for several months, and took a terrible turn for the worse the other night. His passing is inevitable, and its just a waiting game right now. Although she's stayed in the relationship more from duty (love passed a long time ago) she will of course still grieve and I need to be there for her. I am so grateful that our move occurred when it did as I am able to care for her dog and cats with ease and its one responsibility off her shoulders. While I was in driving distance before, a 6 minute drive makes it much easier then a 30min drive.

With all that said - here's this weeks dinner menu plan:

Sunday - Chicken and dumplings - one of our cool weather favorites!
Monday - moo shu pork
Tuesday - simple fried chicken
Wednesday - Soup and sandwiches, nothing fancy
Thursday - grilled steak, baked potatoes, mixed veggies  - recipe is for pork, but I'm using it for beef
Friday - dinner out somewhere per Joe's request
Saturday - BBQ with the new neighbors at our place, I think I'll do just hot dogs and these burgers, one neighbor is bringing pasta salad, not sure about the others.. we'll make do with whatever shows up, lol.. and worse comes to worse.. the grocery store is 2 min away, lol. May also make my favorite mac and cheese recipe for the kids as there will be 5 or 6 ( possibly 8 or 9) here as well, lol.
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